6.  Artemis - Woamn, Snakes, Cheetah, Jungle


6. Artemis - Woamn, Snakes, Cheetah, Jungle

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Painting Information

For these paintings I was wanting to focus on the strength of the animals. With the white backgrounds the negative space creates a tension. giving you the ability to imagine your own setting and what their surroundings could possibly hold.

 With the attention to detail, I want to show them in their true might. The colors of their fur, and the textures they hold. The beauty they contain and the sense of power and strength they have over the viewer.

 While painting these works, I am engulfed in the serenity. Constantly mixing shades and flicking my wrist with the paint brush to get the smallest of strokes and wisps of fur. With contrasting darks and lights, I stand back and have created life. For me, the eyes are the most important part. They tell a story, giving the animals a past, present and future. Helping bring the whole painting together.

Size - 1200 x 600

Material - Acrylic and Oil on MDF

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