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2020 Framingham Chardonnay.


2020 Framingham Chardonnay

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Rule # 6: Have it both ways.

Big oaky Chardonnays are one thing, and fruity elegant Chardonnays are quite another.  As individual winemakers, we'll admit we've had one or two debates over their relative merits.  In your hands is the result of our mission to showcase the best of both styles.  We've fermented in both tanks and barrels, with aging on full lees.  This subtle approach allows the stone fruit flavours and creamy notes to compete successfully with a gentle lick of oak.  We all agree it's the perfect balance.

Rule #1: Do what you love

Enjoy with All kinds of white meats, rich seafood and fish and chips. 


Framingham Tasting notes
2020 Tasting Notes
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