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The Wines

Following the crowd isn’t our style, especially when it comes to making wine.

The key to our individuality is small-batch winemaking. By combining small batches of wine from different parts of the vineyard, we build a depth of flavour and texture that’s uniquely Framingham.

Working with strictly limited quantities means we can experiment with techniques, take risks and follow our hearts. But small batches mean limited quantities. So when Framingham wines are gone, they’re gone.

The Framingham wine range

Making wine by our own rules

We planted our first vines in the Wairau Valley in 1981, and we’ve been growing grapes and making wine by our own rules ever since. Taking the best of what we learn from the F-Series and incorporating it into the Framingham range, these full-flavoured wines embody subtle nuances, balanced minerality, and mouth-filling textures.

Rule No.1? Do what you love.

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Framingham F-Series wine range

Pushing boundaries

Our strictly limited-edition F-Series range allows us to experiment. With total freedom to create alternative takes on classic varietals, we can capture the unique nature of a vintage and allow for constant innovation.

Most of the time, the F-Series wines are one-offs. But if you’re looking for something in particular, get in touch and we’ll have a look around the cellar.

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Nobody's Hero Wine Range

Inspired by individuality

Nobody’s Hero is our salute to the rebels, the radicals, the offbeat and the underground. Those with unorthodox methods and crazy ideas. Those that celebrate their individuality and are brave enough to express it.

It’s also the wine we drink at our annual Harvest Concert and in the Framingham Underground Space. And it’s named after one of our favourite songs by Stiff Little Fingers.

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