Welcome to the Framingham Social Club!

The team at Framingham love making wine by our rules…so when you asked us to develop a wine club to bring our Framingham family together…we knew it had to be a club like no other.

The Framingham Social Club is about celebrating individuality, fine wines, great company…gigs, exhibitions, concerts…and all the benefits of being part of the Framingham Family.

Membership benefits includes:

  • Early notice of the limited release wines, as well as small batch wines often never seen!
  • Library release wines
  • Dr. Hedley’s personal cellar (Oh So Pretty Wines) 
  • Member only discount offers
  • Complimentary tastings at the cellar door
  • VIP winery tours
  • Early notice + FREE entry to The Framingham Underground - Gigs + Exhibitions 
  • FREE bottle of wine for referring a friend
  • Your own personalised order option.