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Old Welcome to the Framingham Social Club!

Join us,

At Framingham we love making wine by our own rules… so when you asked us to develop a wine club to bring the Framingham family together we knew it had to be a club like no other.

The Framingham Social Club is all about celebrating fine wines, good people, gigs, exhibitions, harvest concerts and more.

All the benefits you would expect from being part of the Framingham family...


Become a member!

Framingham Social Club membership is FREE. 

 Everyday benefits:

-  20% discount for New Zealand + 10% discount for the rest of the world.
-  FREE delivery for New Zealand (12 bottles or more) & Australia (15 bottles or more + extremely competitive rates for the rest of the world.
-  Exclusive access to limited edition one-off and library release wines
-  Free tastings and tour when you visit the winery
-  Free glass of wine when you attend the annual Framingham Harvest Concert
-  Free entry when you attend Framingham Underground gigs and exhibits
-  Prune-a-vine when you visit us in July or August
-  Pat-a-dog (either Pixie or Butch) when you visit us weekdays 10.30am -             4.00pm 

    Wine subscription benefits include:

    -  All of the above PLUS
    -  Your very own personalised collection—a reoccurring order of your favourite wines delivered to your door!
    $30 voucher off your second subscription order.  (NB This is on subscription orders)

      Subscribe now in time for the holidays! 

      Framingham Social Club…Rule #1 = Do what you love

      The Framingham Crew