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Pinot Gris Wine Lovers Pack

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Pinot Gris Lovers Pack

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2020 Framingham Pinot Gris - 6 bottles

2020 Framingham Nobody's Hero Pinot Gris - 6 bottles

Framingham Pinot Gris is our Rule No.7: Arrive fashionably late.

We’ve been experimenting with letting our Pinot Gris grapes stay on the vine until a little later in the season. And it turns out to be worth the wait. These little beauties use the extra time to develop delicious layers of texture and complexity. We then pick the grapes by hand. The end result deserves to make its own (fashionably late) entrance, so we’ll leave you with just one flavour hint: Apple Strudel.  Rule No. 1 = Do what you love.

Framingham Nobody's Hero Pinot Gris - 

An instant hit, our Pinot Gris kicks off with ripe and rich stone fruit notes, layers of baked apple, and juicy quince harmonies. The outro leaves you with a bold mouth-filling texture and a crowd-pleasing mineral finish.