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Phoebe Senior, an aspiring and emerging artist recently residing in Marlborough, evokes a contemporary and alternative approach to ceramics, paint and repurposed vintage art pieces. This multi-talented young artist was gifted the ability to construct amazing art pieces using various mediums such as oil and acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite, as well as printmaking.

Phoebe’s art is bold and emotive, representing a true reflection of herself, with inspiration taken from her surroundings, along with artists such as; Bernini, Davinci, and with a deep admiration for Frida Kahlo. A Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Painting, as well as a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History and Classics has enabled Phoebe to champion and truly express her craftsmanship plus reinvent the way we see mythology through her own eyes.

With a love for style and texture, Phoebe Senior’s first solo exhibition at Framingham, will focus on a fresh prospective on classical sculptural ceramics, that are not only figurative but representational. She will also bring the household object of a plate into the exhibition, with an aim to turn these ordinary objects into something extraordinary, as a piece of art themselves. Various other paintings and artworks will also be included – her work is nothing short of amazing.


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