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2020 Framingham Sauvignon Blanc.


2021 Framingham Sauvignon Blanc

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Rule #8: Maintain a bit of mystery

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is famous for packing a bit of a punch. But our take on this all-time classic has hidden depths. There’s a complex soul beneath that savage bravado. Ripe Wairau Valley fruit, a touch of fermentation on the skins, and a quick tour inside oak and acacia barrels has added layers of flavour and texture. This is one wine that won’t give it all away on the first sip.

Rule #1: Do what you love

Enjoy with sushi, mussels, oysters…any kind of seafood.

Framingham Tasting notes

2021 Tasting Notes

Wine Accolades Noble Riesling

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