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Framingham Harvest Concert 2018

The Framingham Harvest Concert is a celebration of the upcoming harvest season.  

This was the eighth year that Framingham plays host to some of New Zealand's top musical talent.

March the 9th 2018, 4 bands hit the main stage.  The line up included local winery band, the Renwick Nudes, Dictaphone Blues, Kodatone & Big Scout.

Kickass live bands, awesome Framingham Nobody's Hero wine, Garage Project beers and local fare from The Feast Merchants.

A sell out every year!

Brownie (rocking his mo?!) & Matt from the Renwick Nudes.

The lads from Big Scout!

Ryan (also from The Nudge) + Ben hit the stage as Kodatone.


Ed from Dictaphone Blues.

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See you here 8th March 2019!

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