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Framingham Underground #6 - Boudica Wild Exhibition

At Framingham we love celebrating individuality, it is about having the courage to be yourself. 

When we met up with Sarah 6 months ago we fell in love. 

Through her lens, Sarah has captured local ladies in the local landscape….

Sarah’s inspiration….

So often we separate ourselves from where we truly belong in the Universe.

We define ourselves by our jobs, routines, clothing, make up, money and possessions but when you take all of that away, you see the true beauty is in our raw, natural state amongst the wonder of nature. We are part of this ever-changing cycle of life.

These women have stepped out of their comfort zones and were exhilarated and empowered being at one with their beautiful surroundings. 

 The Artist - Sarah Boudica

- Born in Marlborough (an 80's child) 

- Mother of two

- Singer/songwriter with 2 full length studio albums of my original work & 5 music videos.

- Took up photography in my 30's 

Pictured - Sarah Brown

To Check out all Sarah's work & to contact click - HERE