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Framingham Underground #7 – Enlighten Photography Exhibition

The Enlighten Exhibition was born when Chris Piper, Denise Manning & Robyn Carter where sharing a glass or two of Framingham Montepulicano.  With the love of the wine and photography the trio got to work!  The result is this incredible exhibition. 

If you are unable to make it along to The Framingham Underground to check it out, you can browse (and purchase online).  Visit 

Chris Piper - Contact Chris HERE

Chris has been making images since he was 8 years old starting with a box brownie, a gift from his parents. Today he travels with excess luggage! Irrespective of his equipment he has trained his eye to see differently and to attempt to capture unusual moments, often fleetingly. His training as a veterinarian has allowed him to understand animal behaviour and sometimes predict what is about to happen, and if ready, to capture it. Beyond that, his passion is about following the wonder and marvel at the immaculate presentation of animals, especially birds. The amazing array of colours caught in special lighting, the shapes and form of the landscape and the devoted behaviour of animals towards their offspring. He has travelled widely and the images he has chosen will hopefully reflect the diversity of life on this planet. It is through his art he hopes viewers will find hope and appreciation in a troubled world. Chris Piper LPSNZ

Colour Me Kapiti

1.Colour Me Kapiti

Festival of Colour - African Lilac Breasted Roller

2. Festival of Colour - African Lilac Breasted Roller

Jewel of Africa

3.Jewel of Africa

Look out Leo

4.  Look out Leo

Preening Yellow Eyed Penguin

5.  Preening Yellow Eyed Penguin


6.  Siesta

Vine Waves

7.  Wine Waves.

Denise Manning -  Contact Denise HERE

I have a passion for photography.  I love the power of photography.  I try and show the good things about my subject in a different way.  I can see the confidence and energy in my model improve after a shoot. I love breaking away from normality and being different.  I try to show this in my work.  My favourite things in life are: FUN FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY & FOOD.

Captain Sparrow

1.  Captain Sparrow

Cloaked in Mystic

2.  Cloaked in Mystic



3.  Dotti

Essence of the Nest

4.  Essence of the Nest

5.  Hold the Line

Odd one out.

6. Odd one out.


 7.  Paua


8.  PHD Dog

Power of the Light

9.  Power of the Light

Snow Light

10. Snow Light


11.  Splash


12.  Walkies


13.  Wired

Robyn Carter -  Contact Robyn HERE

I am a passionate nature and wildlife photographer, with a particular love for bird photography.  However I also have a creative side.

I am profoundly deaf, and I think this has a great deal of influence on what I see not only through my lens, but what eventuates when editing my images.

1.  Ancient Music


2. Floating

Frozen Barb

3. Frozen Barb


4. Koba

Old Red

5.  Old Red

Pelorus River

6. Pelorus River


7. Solitude

Storm over the Awatere

8. Storm over the Awatere

The Walnut Tree

9. The Walnut Tree

The Windsurfer

10. The Windsurfer


11.  Tui

Yellow Rose

12.  Yellow Rose